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Betsubetsu is produced entirely on Apple Macintosh computers.

The following application programs were used (plus others!):
*Martin Hash's Animation Master (Wonderful! The main character tool, and now the main 3D tool as well) PageSpinner
*Bryce 2, 3D and 4 (Much more than for just landscapes... but now retired in favour of Animation Master.)
*Paul Sexton's PatchDance (Brilliant Spline Modeller - used for the Poser figure mods... but not since Animation Master became the major tool)
*Thorsten Lemke's Graphic Converter (Immensely useful)
*Poser 2 (For some body parts of background minor characters, etc in early pictures. Now abandoned and replaced by Animation Master)
*PageSpinner 2.1 (Excellent MacOS WWW site and page creation and management suite.) PageSpinner
*ClarisWorks (Useful in more ways than you might think...)
*Color-It! (Superb painting application...)

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For further information about the Betsubetsu project, please send an email toMartin Russ mailshot Martin Russ mugshot
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