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Work in Progress      Betsubetsu-related pictures, notes, diagrams and more... (Some minor spoilers, too!)
hash contest entry This picture shows some of the Betsubetsu characters (and others) surrounding a traditional animation table. Entered in the October 1999 Hash contest on the theme 'Anime', but it did not win a prize.
valentine pair This picture is taken from mid-way through the script, as part of a wish-fulfillment daydream. Intended to provide dramatic contrast with what follows later on...
valentine heart This picture is part of the composite used for the main romantic interlude. Deliberately over-done.
toon render Toon rendering test, based on one of the gallery pictures. An exercise in learning toon settings, plus a lead-in to the black & white processing which is needed for the manga. Although the early plans were to produce toon appearance final output, this changed during pre-production into a toon-influenced semi-realistic look that is not anime and not real, but completely self-consistent.
temple The temple shown here is based on the idea of constructing using only a very limited number of shapes, but then allowing deformation of those shapes. The light is a testbed for shadows.
ring light Does this corner of the room contain a light, a video camera, a drone, or a monitoring device? Or is it all of these at once?
in the sun 1 More toon rendering testing, this time including specular reflections on the sunglasses. Originally nothing more than a prop, there are now several story-boards describing the operation of the sunglasses, and these may be turned into a short sequence for inclusion in the final movie.
in the sun 2 Just how non-cartoon in feel still works? And how transparent can the sunglasses be? There's no substitute for rendering trials. And more rendering trials...
sanuta xmas They always warn you that characters will take on a life of their own. What started as a simple Betsubetsu Christmas card may well end up being spun-out as a separate entity. The 'Sanuta' character used here is actually derived from a model test rig., and was only pressed into service for the card at the last minute.

Just for fun      Here are a few items of fan art unrelated to Betsubetsu...
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